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Feel the magic in the air and let our hair stylists take care of you. Seat comfortable and chat about your new image. We cut and finish both Ladies and Gents! Your hair deserves gently applied top shelf products.

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Choose from our rich offer of various treatments like semi permanent, gloss or permanent color. We also offer Ombre and color corrections!

Special Treatments

The new revolutionary Micro Mist repairs and rejuvenates your hair, giving strength, suppleness and a longer lasting shine. The Micro Mist, as its name suggests, uses mist (not steam) generated by ultrasound to process the treatment. Mist particles are much smaller and lighter therefore they can penetrate the cuticle of the hair. Cooling that comes at the end of each treatment closes cuticle, trapping the treatment product inside. This gives much stronger and longer lasting results.

Special Treatments

The Olaplex treatment is a great solution for dry and damaged hair. It is not a conditioner, but rather a chemical treatment actively operating on a molecular level. This binds together the broken protein bonds of your hair. These proteins act as armor against internal and external damage.